[A-DX] RNEI#12 PSK500R & playlist in html via QAM16/7z-file 4 kb 5850 kHz WRMI

Do Dez 24 10:17:50 CET 2020


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<h1>Fun bonus:</h1>
In the Swedish village of Gãvle they create a massive straw goat every 
Christmas... and from the start of the tradition in 1966 the goat has 
been a target for arson!<br>
In 1970 it was burned only 6 hours after it was constructed!<br>
In 1987 they 'heavily fireproofed' the goat... only for it to be burned.<br>
In 1988 English bookmakers allowed people to gamble on if it would 
In 2009 hackers took down the security cameras... the goat was burnt.<br>
In 2011 it was sprayed with water... it burnt.<br>
In 2013 it was soaked in flame-retardent... and burnt.<br>
Since 2017 the goat has survived marking the first time it has lasted 
for more than 3 years. With the current situation we are predicting the 
goat will probably survive another year but we will have to wait and 


RSID: <<2020-12-24T01:28Z PSK-500R @ 5850000+1500>>


RNEI 12 Christmas Special's playlist
1. Boyzvoice - Let Me Be Your Father X-Mas 🇳🇴 - Everyone who hears 
this either groans or laughs!
2. Erik Follestad & Linni Meister - Juletragedien 🇳🇴 - "The Christmas 
Tragedy", a silly Christmas song.
3. Eivør - Dansaðu vindur 🇫🇴 - This song is magical, my first taste of 
Eivør's talent!
4. Zophia - I En Stjerneregn Af Sne 🇩🇰 - A sweet song, the title is 
"In a Meteor Shower (Star-Rain) of Snow". I think it's very pretty!
5. girl in red - two queens in a king size bed 🇳🇴 - A very popular 
Norwegian artist I haven't yet featured so why not!
6. Saara Aalto - Silent Night (Multiple Language Version) 🇫🇮 - Saara 
Aalto seamlessly sings Silent Night in at least 20 languages! I wonder 
which ones you can spot?
7. My & Mats - Den Lilla Lågan av Eld (Hur kan ett litet ljus skina så 
klart) 🇸🇪 - A really nice Swedish song "The Little Flame of Fire" 
featuring loads of stereo instruments!
8. Bomarz, Greta Salóme feat. Sverrir Bergmann, KK, Birgir, Sigga 
Beinteins, DJ Muscleboy, Aron Már Ólafsson, Ragga Gröndal, Katrín 
Halldóra Sigurðardóttir, Jón Gnarr 🇮🇸 - Jól Eins Og Áður - The song is 
called "Christmas as Before".
9. Freddy Kalas 🇳🇴 - Hey Ho - A bit of fun to end the show, currently 
in the Swedish charts, our shortened version of Freddy Kalas' Hey Ho!

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