[A-DX] Gruss an Bord

Wolfgang Bueschel
Do Dez 24 22:17:02 CET 2020

Checked various SDR rxs 
in area between MI / NY states in USA, Eastern Brazil,
Rudolfo Grimm Sao Paulo Brazil, Argentina, TWR Johannesbourg AFS RSA,
Athens Greece, Doha Qatar, and 
excellent signal in Perth East Australia in 20 - 21 UT section.
73 wb

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From: "Roger" <>
Sent: Thursday, December 24, 2020 8:29 PM
Subject: Re: [A-DX] Gruss an Bord

Am 24.12.2020 um 20:20 schrieb Richard Langley [WOR]:
> As noted here in NB at or shortly after 19:00 UTC today (24 December):

> 6030 kHz - good signal; best of the bunch

S=9+20dB Athens
S=9+35db Blackpool England
S=6      NY USA
S=3      SP Brazil

> 6080 kHz - QRMed by Vatican Radio with Holy Mass for Christmas Eve (poor 
> coordination here; this frequency provided the best signal for me last 
> year)

S=9+40dB  Blackpool England
S=8       Cape Canaveral, Florida
S=8-9     NY USA
S=7-8     Doha Qatar
S=9 (!!)  Perth, West Australia
S=9+10dB  East Brazil
all remaining: DAILY CNR1 jamming from 20.25 UT onwards, powerhouse

> 9570 kHz - fair to good

S=3-4     Doha Qatar
S=8-9     Athens Greece
S=8-9     Blackpool England
S=6       NY USA
S=9+30dB (!!)  Perth, West Australia
S=9+10dB  East Brazil
S=8       Sao Paulo Brazil

> 9740 kHz - very weak

S=9+15dB  Athens Greece
S=6       Sao Paulo Brazil
S=4       Doha Qatar
S=7-8     TWR Johannesbourg, SAF / RSA
S=9       Perth, West Australia
S=7       East Brazil

> 9800 kHz - QRMed by VOA

S=9       Sao Paulo, Brazil
S=9+5dB   East Brazil
S=9+25dB  -51dBm  TWR Johannesbourg SAF / RSA
S=7       NY USA
S=8       Cape Canaveral, Florida
S=8       Athens Greece
S=8-9     Perth, West Australia

> 11650 kHz - Weak
S=9+10dB  East Brazil
S=9+20dB  Sao Paulo Brazil
S=9       Argentina
S=8-9     TWR Johannesbourg SAF / RSA
S=6       Cape Canaveral Florida
S=4       NY USA
S=2-3     Athens Greece

==> QRM 6080 kHz had become the usual DAILY CNR1 jamming from 20.25 UT

73 wolfie  df5sx

The stations & frequencies for this NDR broadcast are completely
identical to last year's. (nothing was re-coordinated, parameters had
been known for a long time)