[A-DX] Glenn Hauser logs December 25-26, 2020

Sa Dez 26 08:57:11 CET 2020

Am 26.12.2020 um 06:22 schrieb Dmitry Mezin:
> Hi Glenn, merry Xmas and happy New Year 2021!
> That's OHR, Offshore History Radio. Often used by Channel 292 as a 
> 'filler' between hours booked by scheduled broadcasters. Heard here 
> with a very weak signal on 9670 at 0410-0420 this morning, Dec 26.
> Looks like RNEI either was aired an hour earlier (current Channel 292 
> sked shows 0300 today) or was cancelled for some reason.
> 73,
> Dmitry
> Kazan, RUS
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> Subject: [playdx2019] Glenn Hauser logs December 25-26, 2020
> ** GERMANY. 9670, Dec 26 at 0400 I`m trying to hear R Northern Europe
> International xmas special as sked via Channel 292. Not for N America
> since the beam is 60 degrees for SE Asia. A bit too north for that so
> I try the Novosibirsk SDR first --- it is getting something S4-S5, but
> very noisy and QRMed, Chinese on 9675. Nothing else is sked on 9670 at
> this hour. I do make out some rock music and Dutch announcements,
> later English, but too bad to listen to. How about New Delhi or Qatar?
> No signals at all there. Yet at 0430 I check Novosib again as they are
> saying something like ``OSR Offshore Radio`` and music continues,
> ``American Pie``. So it`s an hour, not half an hour. 


I had seen the 0300z entry in the schedule for ch292 beforehand. So I 
had already checked the situation at 0300z / 04.00CET on the 9670 kHz.
But, since there was no signal on various KIWI SDRs between Moscow and 
Kamschatka, not a trace of a transmitter carrier.

2.) An hour later, the situation as described by Glenn.
I was i.a. also back on the Novosibirsk SDR and saw another user from 
the USA, probably him.

3.) The midday broadcast from RNEI via ch292 also on 9670 kHz (on 
ordered 293° ===>   UK/IRL/US)   on yesterday, December 25th, at least 
The DRM QAM16 SNR (at the end of the show) reached a peak value of 17 dB 
in Carlow [IRL].