[A-DX] Radio Northern Europe International on shortwave / datacast / "tgwtr"

Fr Feb 14 17:11:43 CET 2020


I would like to share something very exciting that I’ve been working on
since May 2019:
Radio Northern Europe International

RNEI will be the station for pop and dance music from Northern Europe on
shortwave playing music from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland,
the UK and Ireland!

I aim to play music you haven’t heard before and the first show features
a very exciting experiment:
Embedded MFSK64! This means, hidden in the final song, there will be the
song list sent in MFSK64 in such a way it won’t be off-putting for those
of you not decoding!

My shows will mainly consist of lesser known music with a small amount
of speaking and jingles. Without spoiling too much of the show I can
hint that you’ll hear some Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, English and
Icelandic language music if you tune in!

The first pilot show will go out on 6070 kHz Channel292 from Germany
(decent reception all over Europe) at the following times:
February Saturdays 19:00-19:30 UTC (Starting Saturday 15th)


MFSK-64 in einem Lied zu "verstecken".....?   Na da bin ich ziemlich
neugierig, wie das funktionieren soll. ;-)

Contact information:


"......Johnelle Roseanna Lakeland, UK
“I’ve changed my name from John Lakeland to Johnelle Roseanna Lakeland.
I hope this doesn’t cause too much confusion! I’ve still not had access
to my main SDR setup but I do still have 2 portable shortwave radios
handy, so have been using those to listen to RRI and other shortwave
stations. I normally listen to the full 11:00 UTC and the start of the
22:00 UTC broadcasts when I have time and am very happy that you still
have rich and complete programming that is broadcast multiple times so I
can listen when I’m free!”

(Daz und Frigid aus der HF-Zone als Abonnenten)

[Stereoized DSB] - mit dem "Daz-Algorithmus"

".......I would like to take this space to thank RPC Audio (Jono) for
the cheap jingles and Daz from HFZone for helping me with making my mic
sound good!"