[A-DX] Radio Channel 292 On or Off?

Sa Feb 15 22:36:40 CET 2020

Am 15.02.2020 um 22:06 schrieb Richard Langley:
> Trying to listen to new "Radio Northern Europe International" on
> Channel 292 today (15 February) starting at 19:00 UTC on 6070 kHz
> using the U. Twente SDR receiver but only a thin trace on the
> waterfall could be seen with no discernible audio. Frequency in AMSync
> mode was 6070.000 kHz. So, is Channel 292 not on the air or was it a
> propagation problem?

Here the producer of the show had already tested yesterday's identical
time window.:

I can confirm this result today.
Even a KIWI in southern Sweden was still too close to ch292.
But Finland, Central Norway and Ireland were ok.

Am 14.02.2020 um 17:11 schrieb Roger:
> https://tgwtr.xyz/2020/02/12/radio-northern-europe-international-has-arrived/
> ".......I would like to take this space to thank RPC Audio (Jono) for
> the cheap jingles and Daz from HFZone for helping me with making my mic
> sound good!"

Decoded MFSK-64-txt:   ("median stack" of 5 KIWI-SDRs)
MFSK64 without RSID  ~19.27z / 6070 kHz  ch292


Hello everybody!
I hope you enjoyed the first show of Radio Northern Europe International!
The song list for today was:
Track 1: SeeB & Julie Bergan with Kiss Somebody
Track 2: Anna of the North with My Love
Track 3: Evelina with Hitaasti
Track 4: Aron Can + Friðrik Dór with Hingað þangað
Track 5: Eviør with Í tokuni
Track 6: Thomas Stenström with Nån Annan
Track 7: Jonathan Floyd with Ække Meg
Track 8: Smith & Thell with Goliath
Track 9: The Prodigy with Omen
Thank you very much for listening and I hope to read your reception
My email is



There were decoding problems due to the collision of MFSK64 with the too
loud foreground music.
Despite various KIWI-SDRs in IRL, NOR and FIN - there were text errors
at identical positions because the music made identically QRM.
You can only do this with a robust OLIVIA mode, but not with MFSK64.

The music selection was refreshingly different, the sound via ch292 was
So, I look forward to the next shows.