[A-DX] #200 Reception in São Bernardo SP, BRAZIL - January 2, 2020

Rudolf Grimm
Do Jan 2 13:41:49 CET 2020

January 2, 2020 (Time in UTC) 
Rx: KiwiSDR (PY2-81502 SWL - São Bernardo SP BRAZIL) 
Antenna: PA0RDT Mini Whip 
RUSSIA: 4625 kHz USB UVB 'The Buzzer', St. Petersburg (?), 02/01 0038. The
characteristic sound of this transmission. 25442 (RG). 

ALGERIA: 252 kHz Chaine 3, Tipaza, French, 02/01 0247. Male communication.
Songs. Strong static on this moment. 15421 (RG). This station has been heard
frequently in southeastern Brazil. Better w/ a headphone.
MOROCCO: 171 kHz Radio Medi 1, Nador, French, 02/01 0255. Male
communication. Music w/ a flute. 25432 (RG). 

ALGERIA (t): 891 kHz Chaine 1, Ouled Fayet, Arabic, 02/01 0345. Male
communication in Arabic language. 15431 (RG). Better w/ a headphone. 
BRAZIL: 1010 kHz Radio Diário, Martinópolis SP, 02/01 0054. Brazilian songs,
jingle 'Diário'. ID on 0104: 'ZYK611 Radio Diário, Martinópolis...'. 25452
(RG). First reception, 502 km from São Bernardo. Better reception in USB.
Strong station on 1000 kHz (Radio Record). 
BRAZIL: 1020 kHz Radio Colombo, Curitiba PR, 02/01 0122. Brazilian songs,
jingle 'Colombo', time checking by male announcer. 25442 (RG). 
BRAZIL: 1020 kHz Radio Eldorado, Porto Alegre RS, 02/01 0131. Brazilian song
(Gaucho style), id 'Radio Eldorado'. 25542 (RG). 
BRAZIL: 1090 kHz Radio Bandeirantes, Monte Alto SP, 02/01 0143. Tx // w/840
kHz Radio Bandeirantes São Paulo, on 0145 the traditional RB time pips.
33533 (RG). 
BRAZIL: 1090 kHz Radio Metropolitana, Rio de Janeiro RJ, 02/01 0150.
Announcement to Irajá, Christian song. Female communication, px 'Graça sobre
graça'. Id 'Radio Metropolitana 10-90 agora também na Internet'. 34543 (RG).

BRAZIL: 1110 kHz Radio Cultura, Florianópolis SC, 02/01 0205. Ann about Rede
Milicia da Imaculada. According web site from this Net, RMI tx via Radio
Cultura. 24422 (RG). 
BRAZIL: 1160 kHz Radio Espírito Santo, Vitória ES, 02/01 0225. Brazilian
songs, px 'Viola Enluarada, Radio Espírito Santo', male communication. 34543
BRAZIL: 1180 kHz Radio Cultura, Alfenas MG, 02/01 0240. Advs, id 'Cultura'.
Male communication. 34543 (RG). 
EGYPT (t): 864 kHz ERTU al-Quran al-Karim, Santah, Arabic, 02/01 0312. Male
communication, songs in al-Quran style. 15421 (RG). This station has been
heard frequently in southeastern Brazil, even with better quality. Better w/
a headphone. 

ARGENTINA: 6808 kHz USB Radioactiva Argentina, SS, 01/01 2354. 2 male voices
in a studio, talk. 15421 (RG). Better w/ a headphone. 
ARGENTINA: 6970 kHz USB Lupo Radio, SS, 02/01 0002. Music, male
communication. 15421 (RG). QRM from unofficial hams. 
BRAZIL: 6400 kHz Radio GBA, Ribeirão Preto SP (?), PP, 01/01 1802. Relay
from a FM station from Ribeirão Preto SP. Advs Otica Carol, Guariba
(Ribeirão Preto region),... male communication. 25422 (RG). In 2018 this
station tx via 11325 kHz. 

CHILE: 8677 kHz USB CBV, Valparaiso, SS + time pips, 02/01 0047. Time
checking by male voice. 25442 (RG). 
(RG) - Rudolf Grimm PY2-81502 SWL  
São Bernardo SP, BRAZIL 
http: //dxways-br.blogspot.com    
YouTube: GrimmSBC