[A-DX] TIAMS via 5045 kHz USB

Fr Jan 24 13:04:15 CET 2020

TIAMS via 5045 kHz Unique Radio regarding:

On the basis of the RSID with time and frequency information as well as 
the transmitted data one can determine:

- Unique Radio ~5044.995 kHz USB  10.00-11.00z

- TIAMS delayed by 5 minutes

- It was SHOW #047 from last week, not the current version #48

- Shutdown of the main transmitter (probably 120 W) at 11.00z. - still 
weak sounds and a weak USB pattern at 5045 kHz. Looks like the 
modulation unit is still attached to the antenna and is working.

(to be observed via a KIWI SDR in the immediate vicinity)