[A-DX] E-QSL Brief The Vault

kuenbi at gmx.de
So Jul 26 07:15:02 CEST 2020

E-QSL Brief von The Vault 6985 kHz ("Please take this email as official receipt and confirmation of your reception report."). Man hat noch keine regulären QSL-Karten oder E-QSLs, möchte in Zukunft aber mit E-QSL bestätigen.

Sie schreiben weiterhin:

A new AM broadcast audio processor was put into service on the 24th
July, we feel this has greatly improved our transmitted audio quality
and signal presence. Further adjustments will be made in the forthcoming days.

Our aerial (antenna) system is a single full size dipole in a flat top horizontal configuration at 20m over ground.


73 Kurt