[A-DX] new SW Radiogram program

Fr Jun 12 19:53:13 CEST 2020

Am 11.06.2020 um 23:43 schrieb mike agner:
> There are 2 additional stations sending digital data during their 
> transmissions;
> * 1)  Unique Radio at https://www.uniqueradio.biz/  .They will be 
> sending MFSK64 during their 1000 UT broadcasts.
> * 2)  Radio Northern Europe International at https://rnei.org/  .See 
> the sidebar to the right for more information on their schedule. The 
> broadcasts are often repeated on different weeks.

In concrete terms: TIAMS / THIS IS A MUSIC SHOW from a Canadian producer.
The broadcasting slots of the past few weeks have always been:
Wednesday,  2100-2200z, 7780 kHz AM WRMI  ==>  44°  Europe beam
Thursday,   0200-0300z, 5850 kHz AM WRMI  ==> 315°  northwest beam
Friday,     1000-1100z, 3210 kHz USB via UNIQUE RADIO AUSTRALIA, , 
probably 200 watts, or something.

*2) https://rnei.org
The website has not been updated for a few weeks.
The broadcast dates for June are therefore missing.
I used the RNEI bookings at ch292 and listed them here:


Date     RNEI & TIAEMS (30+30)   Time         Frequency Target Zone   ch292

Sunday   the  7th of June 2020   18:00 UTC    6070KHz      Zone 1+2      
KW23   was RNEI#5
Saturday the 13th of June 2020   18:00 UTC    6070KHz      Zone 1+2      
Friday   the 19th of June 2020   10:00 UTC    6070KHz      Zone 1        
Saturday the 27th of June 2020   00:00 UTC    6070KHz      Zone 2+       
Sunday   the 05th of July 2020   18:00 UTC    6070KHz      Zone 1+2