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So Jun 21 18:59:31 CEST 2020


"... Links of note:

Sault's new LP played in full on Gilles Peterson's
show on BBC Radio 6: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000k1lx ..."

Ließ sich dann ohne größere Probleme auch als m4a/aac    auf HD sichern.

zu Vera Lynn / BBC WS / "The Documentary":

"Released On: 20 Jun 2020 (ca. 17 MB aac)

Dame Vera Lynn began her career singing in London's working men's clubs
at the age of 7 and became the Forces' Sweetheart after being chosen by
the BBC to win the propoganda war as the 'girl next door' reuniting
soldiers and their sweethearts via the Radio programme, 'Sincerely
Yours'.  These programmes and her trips to places like Burma with ENSA
during the rest of the war years, cemented her in the hearts of those
troops forever and not just in the UK.
Dame Vera was a trailblazer she knew her own mind and always chose her
own songs and she was a record breaker, she became the first artist to
have a no 1 in the US Charts with 'Auf Wiedersehn' and the first
centenarian to be in the UK Charts in 2017 at her 100th birthday.

Tessa Dunlop, author and historian,  presents this celebration of the
formidable  'Forces Sweetheart' with archive and interviews including
Katherine Jenkins, Virginia Lewis-Jones and fellow centenarians.

Image: Vera Lynn, pictured in 2007 (Credit: Fiona Hanson/PA Wire)"

Auch mit Rundfunkrelevanz!:

Evenings on BBC Essex
Marconi Special / 15/06/2020
Released On: 15 Jun 2020
Available for 24 days

Ray Clark looks back at Dame Nellie Melba's performance in Chelmsford
100 years ago.
(ca.  170 MB  aac)

Chelmsford calling.......