[A-DX] #220 Reception in Piedade SP, BRAZIL - March 02, 2020

Rudolf Grimm
Fr Mär 6 14:56:57 CET 2020

March 02, 2020 (Time in UTC) 
Receiver: Sony ICF2001D 
Antenna: RGP3 Ferrite Loop Antenna  
ARGENTINA: 1100 kHz Radio Estilo (t), Spanish, 02/03 0118. Romantic songs in
Spanish language. 23542 (RG). Usuallya best reception in Santa Catarina
state, by Marcio Molossi. In Piedade, just the presence, adjusting the loop
BRAZIL: 1340 kHz CBN, Porto Alegre RS, Portuguese, 02/03 0132. News
bulletin. Id: ‘CBN’. Traditional jingle music from CBN. 34543 (RG). 
BRAZIL: 1480 kHz Radio Boituva AM, Boituva SP, Portuguese, 02/03 1102. ‘Você
está ouvindo Boituva AM, 1480 kHz...’. Brazilian song. 35443 (RG). 
CHILE: 1100 kHz BBN, Viña del Mar, Spanish, 02/03 0102. BBN program in
Spanish language. 25552 (RG). Listening from BBN VdM registered almost daily
by several DXers in Brazil, always at the same time, after 0000 UTC. 
COLOMBIA: 1100 kHz BBN, Bogotá (t), Spanish, 02/03 0106. BBN program in
Spanish language. 25542 (RG). BBN Organization uses 1100 kHz for 2
transmissions in South America: Viña del Ma, and Bogotá. On +/- 270º Az, a
good reception from Chile, but turning the loop antenna slightly to the
north, there is the disappearance of the Viña del Mar signal, but following
slightly the turn to the northwest of South America, we find a new BBN
signal (+/- 320 to 330° Az), this time, in lower conditions than the that
what comes from Viña del Mar. The observed location (Northwest) must be from
Colombia. Therefore, I assume it was BBN Bogotá, but due to not local
identification of the station (BBN does not inform a local id in any of
their transmissions), I remain this second BBN station as a ‘tentative’
PARAGUAY: 860 kHz La Voz de la Cordillera, Caaguazu, Spanish, 02/03 0050.
Romantic songs, ‘Mi manera (My way)’, ‘Something Stupid’. Id ‘La Voz de la
Cordillera, 860 kHz AM, Caaguazu, Paraguay...’. 35553 (RG). 
URUGUAY: 1340 kHz La Voz de Melo, Melo, Spanish, 02/03 0207. Communication
by male and female voices. Mention to Uruguay. 34433 (RG). 

REMARK: After the closure of Radio Globo São Paulo at 1100 kHz, this
frequency has become a very interesting focus for receiving stations from a
greater distance, as we have observed. On March 5, a more precise filtering
of the signals was performed on my KiwiSDR, and at a certain moment, there
were 10 (ten!) different carriers between 1099.85 and 1100.35 kHz, varying
the intensity on each transmission. A very rich research focus. 
(RG) - Rudolf Grimm PY2-81502 SWL  
São Bernardo SP, BRAZIL  
http: //dxways-br.blogspot.com    
YouTube: GrimmSBC