[A-DX] LOG: RNEI MFSK32 data

Sa Mär 7 11:43:24 CET 2020

RSID: <<2020-03-07T10:27Z MFSK-32 @ 6070000+1500>>

Hello everybody,
(Note, Emoji flags are only known to work on Tivar!)

The song list for today:
1: Soleima with Roses 🇩🇰
2: Matilda with Forever 🇳🇴
3: Herra Hnetusmjör Ft Ingi Bauer with Upp Til Hópa 🇮🇸
4: Zupermaria with Balenciaga 🇳🇴
5: Vilma Alina with Rikollinen 🇫🇮
6: Sofia Jannok with Mitt Skinn och Ben 🇸🇪
7: Gavin James with Always (Alan Walker Remix) 🇮🇪 (🇳🇴)
8: Jubël Feat. NEIMY with Dancing in the Moonlight 🇸🇪
9: Röyksopp with Were You Ever Wanted 🇳🇴

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This months image is Autumn Sunlight, Öskjuhlíð by Asgrimur Jonsson 🇮🇸

Sending Pic:110x87C;

Thank you for listening and decoding, I hope you enjoyed the show!


der MFSK32-Track in einem breiten Notch, dadurch kein QRM mit der 

(in FLDIGI direkt konnte man die Emoji flags nicht sehen)