[A-DX] Info: Radio Caroline North

Horst Mehrlich
Di Mär 10 18:36:55 CET 2020

14,03 und 15,03.2020 Sendung von  Radioschiff Ross Revenge ab 10:30
Ich habe im Jahre 2019 verschiedene Reports an:

Keith Maton, 41 Bemerton Gardens, Kirby Cross, Essex, CO13 0LQ /
mit jeweils 3 Dollar
Auf Nachfrage kam die  Antwort: voni Radio Caroline:
Good afternoon Horst,

Thank you for getting in touch. I understand you are dealing with a
Keith Maton regarding a Radio Caroline North QSL card. I’m sorry to say
that Keith Maton, although known to us, is not a member of the current
Radio Caroline team and has no business acting as such. Unless of course he
is offering old (historic) Caroline North QSLs from the 1960s, as I
understand that Keith Maton is a radio ham?

If you wish for an e-QSL (pdf)  for one of the monthly 'Radio Caroline
North’ broadcasts from *Ross Revenge* (and Manx Radio) as then you need to
send your reports to either myself at 

Best regards,


Gruß Horst
Gruß Horst

QTH Holzkirchen-Würzburg
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