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Wolfgang Bueschel
So Mär 15 11:23:27 CET 2020

re: Radio Verdad Guatemala

Neben unserer perfekten Organisation in der ersten EU Welt,

es gibt auch immer noch andere Organisationsformen in unserer Welt.
73 wb


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Hi All,
I sent an email to Dr. Madrid, the General Manager and Director of Radio
Verdad Guatemala yesterday, regarding postal mail to and from Guatemala.

His comments were very interesting. Here is some of what he wrote.

*Here's how Postal Mail is in Guatemala:*

*Private mail ceased permanently, as they never got an agreement with the

*The government is now operating to some extent the old official Post
Offices. The problem is that it is not operating fully. They are operating
on a partial way.* *We are not allowed to send any mail out, but we may
receive mail from other countries (very scarcely). I have received several
mail from the US and from Mexico, but not many. Mail from other countries
take much time to arrive, although they may eventually get to us.*
*I have been checking for your registered mail you sent in January, but is
has not arrived yet. I was informed that we may send postal mail within
Guatemala already, but not to other countries. They have announced several
times that postal mail will start functioning normally, but it hasn't
happened yet.*

*Dr. Édgar Amílcar Madrid*
*General Manager and Director*
*Radio Truth*
*Chiquimula, Guatemala, C. A.*

Glen, etal. In my perspective the best way to reach Radio Verdad is via the
'' email service. I do know that when I asked for a
qsl card for some monitoring a few months ago, he responded via email, with
email attachments. I had tried to send Radio Verdad a donation via PayPal at
that time. But it was suspended at the time. I don't know if that situation
has been sorted out. I have also sent a donation via U.S. Registered Mail in
late January. As of this date in mid March Radio Verdad has not received it.

So, to say that regular postal mail is somewhat elusive, is not to
exaggerate. In my correspondence awhile ago, I was going to try to send a
donation via some of those overseas banking systems, as it appears that
Radio Verdad can get monies that way. But my local bank balked when I
requested that. I suppose that one could send Radio Verdad an email, and ask
for guidance. To me, its such a shame that the Guatemalan government doesn't
have this straightened out as this is a long time problem. I have read where
one can use services such as FedEx to send stuff to Guatemala.

I have not tried that.

Anyway, that's what I know. I sure hope that gets straightened out. Radio
Verdad Guatemala does IMHO, very good work in its coverage area. All you
have to do is look at the Radio Verdad Guatemala YouTube channel to see some
of its activities. I believe their may be a link to it on the Radio Verdad
web page.

7163 kHz -- VI3RA -- Radio Australia amateur radio special event station.

By the way, I heard and made an amateur radio contact with the 'VI3RA' Radio
Austalia special event station that Shepparton and District Amateur Radio
Club (SADARC)a (
https://www.dx-world.net/vi3ra-radio-australia-special-event/ ) radio club
in Australia is operating THIS WEEKEND from the Shepparton transmitter.
Site, I heard and made contact at 1100 UTC on 7163 kHz LSB. Their radio
signal was very loud and strong with a signal of 20 over S9, or SINPO 55555.
Since then I have not heard their transmissions.

73 de Chuck W3ON