[A-DX] QSL-Ankündigung von Radio Onda (5940 kHz)

Joachim Thiel
So Mär 22 08:55:17 CET 2020

für meinen Bericht an <> gab es kurz danach schon
eine Reaktion.
  Interessant ist die Nennung des Senderstandorts und die
Ankündigung eines neuen Senders.

Hello there Joachim,

Many thanks for your contact, for the report and audio file, as it is very =
nice to hear it!!!

The propagation still not very good yet, and also you are very close to the=
  transmitter, witch is in the city of Borculo, in NL,
I hope that in the near future you manage to hear the radio with better con=
ditions, also we will add a new transmitter, that will help a lot!!!

I will send by post, when it will be possible, a QSL card.
Thanks again,
***Ende des Originaltextes***

73, Joachim