[A-DX] Indien setzt Auslandsdienst aus.

Christoph Ratzer
Mo Mär 23 22:18:54 CET 2020

Für uns Kurzwellenhörer wichtig: "Alle Dienste der ESD (External Service Division) und alle Sender, die sich der ESD widmen, werden mit sofortiger Wirkung ausgesetzt.“

On 22nd March, 2020 Government of India announced complete lockdown in 75 cities all across India upto 31st March, in a bid to contain the further spread of the Covid-19 virus . It’s an unprecedented situation wherein except essential services, all shops, offices , factories are closed & prohibitory orders issued for general public.

In view of this following orders have been being issued with immediate effect across all stations of All India Radio : 

1. The national spectrum of broadcast will be limited to Vividh Bharati Service originating from VBS Mumbai and News Services originating from AIR Delhi.
2. Regional services can relay content as related to above ( SL number 1) with local news, subject to feasibility.
3. All National Programmes of Spoken Word, Music, Sports & other categories stand cancelled till further orders. 
4. All other services of All India Radio stands in abeyance until further orders. 
5.. All ESD (External Service Division) services and all transmitters dedicated to ESD stands suspended with immediate effect.
6. All Pure DRM mode operations suspended, DRM transmitters may be operated on analogue / simulcast mode to relay the National News Service subject to local circumstances and conditions 
Alokesh Gupta
New Delhi

73 Christoph