[A-DX] Absolute Radio 40s

Marc Coevoet
Fr Mai 8 22:43:46 CEST 2020

Op 8/05/2020 om 22:34 schreef :
> Absolut hörenswert ist das 24-Stunden-Jubiläumsprogramm Absolute Radio 40s
> zum 75. Jahrestags des V(ictory)-Day. Hier in Karlsruhe QSA 3-4 auf 1215
> kHz.
> 73,
> Norbert

Can also be heard wth


But I don not know what the message

"Cannot seek backward in linear streams!"

really means.  I see it more and more, and older internet radios cannot 
work with it, although it is standard aac or even mp3!


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