[A-DX] new SW Radiogram program

Fr Mai 29 13:22:16 CEST 2020

Am 29.05.2020 um 11:56 schrieb Roger:
> Currently RNEI#4  again via 3210 kHz USB [Unique Radio Australia], 
> embedded data in a few minutes.


16:00 hrs AEST NEW Free Radio Skybird from June 5th 2020 (06:00 hrs UTC)
17:00 Sounds of your life Presented by Aussie Tim (07:00 UTC)
18:00 AEST 3210 KHz is in use USB. (08:00 hrs UTC)
18:00 AEST  HRI -The voice of Tasmania produced and presented by Bob 
Wise (08:00 hrs UTC)
18:30 AEST International Radio Report - As heard from CKUT 90.3 FM 
Montreal Canada ​Presented by Sheldon Harvey , David Asselin and Gilles 
Letourneau     (08:30 UTC)
​19:00 AEST- World of Radio - Presented by Glenn Hauser (09:00 hrs UTC)
19:30 PM AEST - Radio Northern Europe International  RNEI (09:30 HRS 
UTC)      (war Nummer #4)
20:00 AEST - This is a music show with 'Your Host' including Vinyl music 
& images MFSK64 towards the latter part of the show (10:00 hrs UTC)   
(war Nummer #066)
21:00 HRS AEST NEW Postcard from Poprad hosted by  Eric, Rachel, Henry 
and Dave - Live from Radio Tatras International (RTI ) (11:00 HRS UTC)
​22:00 HRS AEST Close (12:00 hrs UTC)

Programm seit 0800z kann ich so bestätigen.
Momentan (1107z):   ein "RTI - The Station of The Stars."

Wäre dann wohl:

UNIQUE RADIO weiterhin auf 3210 kHz USB,
Frequenznachbar auf 3215 kHz hatte QRT gegen 1100z,  Brother Stair, 
ansonsten noch ein Träger auf etwa 3220 kHz. (vermutlich KCBS Pyongyang)

(alles über eine KIWI in New South Wales)