[A-DX] 6050 German station

Sa Nov 21 08:38:43 CET 2020

Am 21.11.2020 um 07:01 schrieb Glenn Hauser via groups.io:
> HCJB, Ekwador. Yes, they do a DX program hoping to be heard in 
> Germany. Has been discussed in this group. Glenn

(GOOGLE translator:)
After a break of two and a half years, in the past winter season 2019/21 
the popular media magazine of the Andean voice HCJB was broadcast 
directly from Ecuador via a transmitter on the last remaining shortwave 
6050 kHz with only one kilowatt of power! The special service for 
friends of radio reception will continue in the winter half-year 
2020/21, although program production in Quito was discontinued at the 
end of 2016 after 63 years. This weekly DX broadcast runs on Saturday 
night at 04.00 and 05.00 UTC, specifically at the time of night when the 
frequency in the 49-meter band could be weakly heard in Europe. During 
the remaining broadcasting times, a compilation of contributions in 
indigenous languages ​​of the "Indian Radio" and takeovers of the 
Spanish FM program is broadcast on 6050 kHz. [261020]



HCJB La Voz De Los Andes / Radio HCJB HD - 89.3 FM

CONTROL Z(eta)  [program for the youth]

Radio HCJB Kiwcha


Via shortwave transmitters in Germany:

Region   MEZ/MESZ         Frequenz   Leistung    M-Band

Europa   00:00 - 24:00    3995 kHz    1,5 kW      75 m
          08:00 - 18:00    5920 kHz    1,5 kW      49 m
          10:00 - 15:00    7365 kHz    3,0 kW      41 m

Program schedule in local time CET (= UTC + 1, winter time, northern