[A-DX] SWRG#179 - sonogram - 4G Omsk - Алексе́й Дудоладова/Станкевич, Recherche zu einem Bild

Sa Nov 21 11:05:27 CET 2020


Collage zum Bild:  "4G nur auf dem Baum":


Video der DW:

Einzelheiten aus russischer Sicht / Quelle:

ОМСК, 13 ноя — РИА Новости. Специалисты Минпрома Омской области измерили 
скорость интернета в деревне Станкевичи, где местный студент жаловался 
на слабую связь и необходимость ловить сеть на березе, и посоветовали 
ему найти место у соседей, сообщили журналистам в министерстве.
"Как выяснилось после замеров, дом молодого человека стоит в низине и 
поэтому "затемнен". В 100 метрах, в домах у центральной дороги, скорость 
13 мегабит в секунду, а это как раз 4G. Связь в деревне обеспечивает 
вышка "Теле2", которая расположена в другом населенном пункте на 
расстоянии 12 километров. <...> Чтобы передавать в TikTok большие объемы 
информации, можно найти место недалеко от дома или у соседей", — 
пояснили журналистам в Министерстве промышленности, связи, цифрового и 
научно-технического развития Омской области.

OMSK, November 13 - RIA Novosti. Specialists from the Ministry of 
Industry of the Omsk Region measured the speed of the Internet in the 
village of Stankevichi, where a local student complained about a weak 
connection and the need to catch a network on a birch tree, and advised 
him to find a place with neighbors, the ministry told reporters.
"As it turned out after measurements, the young man's house is in a 
lowland and therefore "darkened".
100 meters away, in houses near the central road, the speed is 13 
megabits per second, which is exactly 4G. Communication in the village 
is provided by the Tele2 tower, which is located in another settlement 
at a distance of 12 kilometers. <...> To transfer large amounts of 
information to TikTok, you can find a place not far from your home or 
near your neighbors, "the Ministry of Industry, Communications, Digital, 
Scientific and Technical Development of the Omsk Region explained to 

Er war allerdings schon vor dieser Aktion berühmt:
09/29/2020 01:10 PM
Alexey Dudoladov's videos are watched by millions of users of one of the 
most popular social networks. Lyokha from the village - this is the 
nickname of the young man - talks about rural life in his videos. Omsk 
started shooting a year ago.
Alexey Dudoladov tells how he shot his most popular video. The video 
about village life has been watched 4 million times.
The scene of the action is the small village of Stankevichi, Nazyvaevsky 
district, where Alexei comes from. Only 39 people live in the village. 
There is only one street, there is not a single attraction - not a house 
of culture, not a shop, not even a sports ground. From Omsk to 
Stankevichi - 4 hours. 2.5 by train, one and a half to the village 
itself. On this road.
Alexey, by the way, shoots not only funny videos, but also serious ones 
- about agriculture. His parents keep a large farm - cows, horses, 
sheep, pigs, geese and chickens. Therefore, the young man has a lot of 
Now Alexey has 300 videos in his assets. 100 thousand subscribers, 
millions of likes. In "TikTok" Omsk has a memorable name - "Lyokha from 
the village." He says this topic is very popular now.
Now Alexey is studying in Omsk, at the Institute of Water Transport as a 
ship mechanic engineer. Therefore, the video from the village has become 
smaller. Stankevichi visits his family once a week on weekends. Now it's 
time to prepare for the winter - there are already ideas for a new video.
"Лёха из деревни" / "Lyokha from the village"    (Лёха = abgeleitete 
Kurzform von Alexey/Алексе́й)

Damit relativiert sich diese Geschichte "G4 im Baum"  und sieht nach 
einer "Inszenierung" eines schon sehr erfolgreichen russischen 
tiktok-Bloggers aus.