[A-DX] Fw: [WOR] New Haida Gwai KiwiSDR for MWDX

Wolfgang Bueschel
Di Okt 27 20:31:41 CET 2020

wer Nord West Pazifikküsten Empfang auf Mittelwelle in Kanada mag,
versuche es mit dem Kiwi in der Wildnis:

Dr. Walt Salmaniw ist Arzt und gebürtiger Ukrainer,
auch mit Lahr Badenstandort kanadischer Armeevergangenheit, und
mit der aktivsten BC DXer aus Leidenschaft im Nordwesten Kanadas.
73 wolfgang

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Sent: Tuesday, October 27, 2020 8:19 PM
Subject: Re: [WOR] New Haida Gwai KiwiSDR for MWDX

> GREAT Walt and Colin,
> well done at 19.15 UT
> 73 wolfie df5sx


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> Masset, BC | Grid: CO34wa, ASL: 3, [map]
> Antenna: 750' North Facing BoG
> Hosted by Dr. Walt Salmaniw and Colin Newell -
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Robert Newell Oct 26   #13380

As of today, Walt has walked away from a KiwiWebSDR in the wilds of the
Pacific Northwest - we are trying a bold experiment:

Setting up a Kiwi WebSDR in a cabin on the Pacific Ocean - unattended with
only a functioning router and a hand made power supply.

Sure you can hang from the cliffs of Rockworks with Gary DeBock or check-in
to a 1950's throwback hotel at Grayland, Washington -- but for the real
TransPacific (and sometimes TransAtlantic - TransPolar) excitement, there
are few things as fun as a remote web radio teetering on the shoreline of
the Pacific Ocean... all by itself... a mere 100 meters from the salt chuck.

You can check into the Hotel Haida Gwaii, anytime you want,
but you may never leave...

You can find the Haida Gwaii WebSDR at Haida.dxer.ca

Time limits in effect - no camping on frequency please -
Share the fun -- and as of now, we will start the "How long will the Kiwi
run all by itself?"

Today is Day 1.

Colin Newell - Editor and creator Coffeecrew.com and DXer.ca -
Ham Radio VA7WWV | Twitter @CoffeeCrew | Victoria - B.C. Canada
Colin Newell - Victoria B.C. Canada
Drake R8 - Flags - VACTROL's - Phasers (Oct 26, IRCA iog)

Walter Salmaniw
Oct 26   #13395

Thanks to everyone for their kind words of encouragement. It’s been a
culmination of 12 years of dreaming.  About 3 years ago a fibre optic cable
was laid on the islands. Because we are located 13 km outside of the town of
Masset the dream of Internet connectivity remained just that.  One year ago,
I received a “final call” for last mile connection. I jumped on that, and in
February the line was laid right to my DX shack. Fibre optic all the way.

Due to COVID 19 restrictions I was not able to get to Haida Gwaii until this
month.  Colin Newell kindly lent me his Kiwisdr and after several days of
working out the kinks with Colin, Nick Hall-Patch and Mike Cherry as well as
a hugely helpful tech from the internet provider, the SDR was up and

The antenna feeding the Kiwi is a 750’ Beverage on the ground aimed NW.
It’s located several hundred feet from the shack and fed by a very high
quality and nearly indestructible mil-spec coax with isolation transformers
at both ends. I have a DX Engineering RPA-1 amplifier as well.

The Kiwi is attached to the fibre optic cable via Ethernet cable. Tech wizz
Colin constructed the power supply. We both have remote access. I added
TeamViewer as well to access a couple of Perseus SDRs there recording daily.
One of those is connected to a 500’ Beverage aimed due North for over the
Pole coverage into Europe when that path is open, but still a good Asia
and of course to Alaska.
So, in a nutshell, that’s the story!  73, (Walt Salmaniw, Oct 26, IRCA iog)

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> I'm checking the SDR just after 1700 UTC October. On medium wave,
> excellent reception of CBU 690, CHMJ 730, CKNW 980, CKST 1040, and CKWX
> 1130, around  500 miles away. Also able to hear KJNO 630 and KINY 800 out
> of Juneau, Alaska a little over 300 miles away. Lot of other MW stations I
> don't have time to ID at the moment.
> Numerous beacons heard on longwave.
> WWVH dominating 5 & 10 MHz, but also hearing BPM on 10 MHz with something
> else in the mix.
> Thanks for setting this up!
> Will definitely do some more listening this evening.
> Stephen Luce
> Houston, Texas