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Re: [A-DX] Antennenanpassgerät

Hallo nochmals !

Auf http://www.remote.arrl.org/tis/info/tuner.html findest Du u.a.
dieses File:

A Transmatch for Balanced or Unbalanced lines (542,588 bytes, PDF file)
     ARRL Handbook 1995, pp. 22.65-22.66
     A construction project.

Schaut gut aus !
Also viel Glück !
Seasons greetings and 73 de Kurt OE 1002419
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In the "new in postbox" Jan. 2001 page you have:
4W/OH2BF, 5I3A (AF-087), 5V7VJ, IU0FM, HV0A, TR0A, XT2OW
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