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[A-DX] Re: 1386

Hi Jürgen,

 1386 kHz ab 22h UTC täglich eine englische Pop-Station

Seit dem 27.9. sendet nachts 2200-0300 UTC der englische Homosexuellen,
Lesben-, und Bi-Sexuellen-Sender LBH Radio, der lokal in England auch auf
UKW sendet.  73 de wb df5sx

web site <www.lbhradio.com>

LBH Radio, Studio House, 21-23 Walton Road, Frinton-on Sea, Essex CO13 0AA,
United Kingdom

e-mail: <info@xxxxxxxxxxxx>   (Nick Pashkevich-RUS, Sep 27)

Eine andere Adresse:


One more test on MW 1386 from Kaliningrad Bolshakovo site.
One more test on 1386 from Kaliningrad will be on Sept 27 at 2200-2400.
Thank you in advance for any comments about this txion that I will resend
our engineers at the Kaliningrad Bolshakovo txing center. Maybe anybody on
the NoAmerican east coast will be able to receive this test too?
(Mikhail Timofeyev-RUS, hcdx Sep 22)

LBH Radio (Radio for Gay Community) will be testing today, Sep 27, at 2200-
2400 on 1386 via Kaliningrad Bolshakovo. Acc to their web site
regular txions are to start on Oct 1st. Addr:
LBH Radio, Studio House, 21-23 Walton Road, Frinton-on Sea, Essex CO13 0AA,
e-mail: <info@xxxxxxxxxxxx>   (Nick Pashkevich-RUS, Sep 27)

RUSSIA LBH Radio, radio for the Gay community, tested Sept 27th 2200-0000 on 1386 via Kaliningrad Bolshakovo. It was due to launch Oct 1st, website
does not specify exact times, check late evenings.
(Mike Barraclough-UK, WDXC-UK, Oct 1)

LBH Radio starts on 1386 tonight.
In an e-mail reply to my RR to LBH Radio, Frenton-on-Sea, Essex, UK which
was testing Sep 27 at 2200-2400 from Kaliningrad on 1386, Ray Anderson
today that LBH Radio will start regular bcs on that freq tonight at 2300 UK
time (2200-0300 UTC). Their e-mail address is
<engineering@xxxxxxxxxxxx>  (Anker Petersen-DEN, Oct 1)

LBH Radio 1386 were on regular sce this morning (Oct 3), anng that they
would continue until 0400 [BST], which would be 0300 UTC. Mx progr, very
good signal strength. Hopefully they will meet the same fate as UCB, i.e.
running out of money after some time. (Olle Alm-SWE, Oct 3)

LBH Radio 1386 tonight 2 Oct at 2300 with a tremendous signal here
at the west coast of Norway.
S9= +30-40 dB on my AOR 7030 rx.
It was tremendous also here in Sicily: S8-9. But they think to broadcast
always with this power? (Salvo Micciche-I, hcdx Oct 3)

Does anybody know what LBH stands for? Maybe it is a common term in the gay community. I looked through their website and did not find any explanation.
Lesbian-Bi-Homosexual, maybe? (Glenn Hauser-USA, Oct 3)

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