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[A-DX] Doorgestuurd bericht

  • Subject: [A-DX] Doorgestuurd bericht
  • From: Herman Boel <herman.boel@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 2 Jan 2004 19:54:38 +0100

Just in case you had not yet heard the news...

Dear all,
First of all best wishes for the New Year!
I have just uploaded the brand new edition of the EMWG onto the web site. It can 
be downloaded as a PDF file.

Some extra information for the curious ;-) :

* The PDF file can be opened with Acrobat Reader 3.x or higher but was actually 
made with version 6.

* From now one there will be two PDF versions per year. The first one will be 
issed in January, the second in (early) July. You will easily be able to 
identify each version by the name of the file.
The current file is called EMWG-2004A.pdf where 'A' stands for first or January 
version and 'B' will stand for the second or July version.
* There are 81 pages in the current file, filled with up-to-date information.

* The EMWG PDF edition was created with OpenOffice 1.1 (I do not use M$ stuff).
* I will try and see whether I can expand the PDF version with some extras that 
cannot be found on the on-line version. Those extras should be available as from 
the next version (you'll have to wait and see but suggestions are welcome).
* Of course the on-line version remains available with the very latest changes 
included. Today both versions are identical but as of next week this may already 
You could therefore conclude that the PDF version is best for  regular MW 
listeners, while the on-line version is best for hard-core MW DXers.
* I have tried to make the EMWG as accurate as possible but it is not certified 
error-free of course. There are still areas covered by the EMWG that are 
difficult to get correct information from.
Should you have any corrections, don't hesitate to write me.
Finally two things:
* I would like to thank all of you who have contributed information to this 
list. Your contributions are very much appreciated not only by me but by all 
users of the list.
* Please also have a look at the two other wonderful free publications: the AMWG 
and the PAL. Web information on both publications can be found in the link list 
of the EMWG.
- Herman -

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