[A-DX] Tenor on ERT broadcasts

Wolfgang Bueschel
So Jun 16 00:14:55 CEST 2013

um das richtig einzuorden. vy 73 wb.

Google translation on the above message:

Today 11:30 of June 14, 2013 was silenced by the "Voice of Greece", a voice
was heard for the first time via the first transmitter of short in the
Albanian front in 1940.

It was the voice that he left Athens to animates and accompanies the Greek
soldiers to victory.

Was silenced when the tanks of Nazi occupied Athens. And then, in his last
message, the EIR the historic studio Zappiou informed the
Greeks that the Voice of Radio would no longer voice the conquerors.

The Republic defeated fascism and the "Voice of Greece", in 1947 began
traveling to Greece on 5 continents and five oceans.

To bring the "Voice of Greece" in Greek immigrants across the length and
breadth of the land.

To sing in the factory and foundry Sorrows of emigration from Germany to
South Africa, from America to Australia.To listen Greek seafarers on ships
that travel to distant seas their new homeland.

To hear all foreign-loving Greece news and the Greek culture in 12 foreign

And the "Voice of Greece" every day was becoming increasingly possible
proudest increasingly wise increasingly rich more and more modern.

Heard not only from the rocks and the INTERNET, the Middle and the FM.

And in 2013 became a rich vibrant program, the ambassador of Greece in all
corners of the earth.

And today was silenced.

For the first time since 1941, the Germans invaded Athens.

We workers in ERT will not allow.