[A-DX] 28200 kHz - testet mal Eure 10 mb Antenne, in den letzten Tagen in Darmstadt und am Bodensee schönes Signal auf 10-11 mb

Wolfgang Bueschel
Do Jun 20 20:01:20 CEST 2013

BULGARIA  [U.K./POLAND]   28200 harmonic
heard on June 18 at 1625 UT and June 20 at 1655 UT, of Spaceline Ltd. former
RNB outsourced site at Kostinbrod west of Sofia.

Polish Radio Warsaw programs brokered by BAB Babcock International Group,
23 Welbeck Rise, Harpenden Herts, AL5 1RT United Kingdom.

and rent relay transmission time at Kostinbrod Bulgaria

9400 kHz [x3 = 28200 kHz], fundamental S=9+10dB signal here in Germany.
R. POLONIA 1530-1630 Polish     100 30 Kostinbrod(Sofia) BUL PRW BAB
R. POLONIA 1630-1730 Belarusian 100 30 Kostinbrod(Sofia) BUL PRW BAB
R. POLONIA 1730-1800 Russian    100 30 Kostinbrod(Sofia) BUL PRW BAB

Bulgarian nationals Ventsislav Georgiev and Dimitar Todorov LZ1AX,
both involved in Spaceline Ltd. bussiness since 2005 at HFCC conference in
Spain ...

Or did Dimitar these 28200 transmissions as test on his 28 MHz tower?
<www.qsl.net/lz1pj/gallery/lz9w/Operators/pages/Mitko LZ1AX.htm>
(wb, wwdxc BC-DX TopNews June 18 / 20)