[A-DX] Neue SDR - Yahoogruppe

Christoph Ratzer
Mo Mai 20 18:02:36 CEST 2013

Im QRZ Forum gesehen:

New SDR Radio User’s Discussion Group.

Welcome to the SDR (Software Defined Radio) User’s Discussion Group. 
This discussion group is for people interested in the state of the art of the development of SDR (Software defined Radio) and the commercial, open source and experimental options available to licensed radio amateurs worldwide. 
Its purpose is educational and informative. 
To join visit this link: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sdr-users/join?

In this new forum important things can be discussed such as:
What is DUC and DDC transceivers? Who is making them?
Does Hermes or Mercury, mean anything to you? What about SDR-IQ or Perseus?
Do they cost more or less to manufacture? Where are they manufactured? Who manufactures them? What is a FPGA? And an ADC? Where are these components engineered and/or manufactured? 
What are the differences between Open source software and Propietary software? PowerSDR, SmartSDR, cuSDR, Ham-radio SDR, and many others…? Who is writing them? What is their history?
Is SDR for everyone?
And, what’s this about client servers?
How much more am I purchasing for $9,000.00? If I already have a $900.00/ 100W transceiver that operates all bands from 160M to 432MHz (70cm)? 
How important are these extreme statistics being published by the ARRL and other independent labs?

Join and start the discussion at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/sdr-users/join?

73 Christoph