[A-DX] LRA 36

Christoph Ratzer
Mi Aug 5 22:47:16 CEST 2015

> Trotz guter Ausbreitungsbedingungen von/nach Südamerika konnte ich auf
> 15476 KHz nichts ausmachen.

Ich auch nicht, andere schon:

Manuel Méndez
Lugo, Spain

ANTARCTICA, 15476, LRA36, Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel, Base Esperanza. Due to the mail I have received from LRA 36 saying that this station will return to the air on 27th July, I am trying, since then,  to pick up this station all days between 1950 and 2020 UTC, the best slot time to received it here in the North West of Spain, but I heard nothing, only one day I got a very weak carrier on 15.476.0 during five or six minutes. Yesterday, I sent a new e-mail to the station, asking if they really are now on air, and here is the answer:

“Estimado Manuel, la transmisión ya comenzó la semana pasada, y es mas, tuvimos un informe de reception desde Taranto-Italia. Atte. Sergio Lucero”".

 They confirm that the transmission began past week and they had had a reception report from Tatanto-Italy.

73 Christoph