[A-DX] Bundesnetzagentur DAB tx list.

Marc Coevoet
Sa Dez 9 21:30:18 CET 2017


Maybe slightly off topic, but the Bundesnetzagentur publishes a ?weekly 
list of freqs for DAB/FM/TV .

Now I see in this list that the frequency 12A and 12B for Belgium is no 
longer listed.   Something I do not know?  Will they move?


For FM dxers:
I have made a nice kind of website showing possible interference tx when 
you choose a freq. (from older ukw data, I should rebuild the site ...)
eg 101.9 mHz

Green =  the frq
big red = +- 0.1 mhz from the freq
small red = +- 0.2 mhz from the freq.

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