[A-DX] Log 5045kHz, Ozy Radio, ID, O=2-3, Englisch, 18h59

Do Dez 21 17:43:00 CET 2017

Am 21.12.2017 um 16:06 schrieb Rémy Friess:
> Ab heute soll 4KZ aus Innisfail auch on the air sein...  5055 kHz (1 kW).
> Programmschema und Anschrift bislang unbekannt.
> 73, Rémy.

http://www.nqradio.com.au/     ("....also on SW..."   - 
kam gerade im Programm,  ID  als  NQ  Radio)

Listing Status:     Stream is currently up but requires registration in 
the SHOUTcast Directory.
Listeners are allowed and the stream will act like it is private until 
Stream Status:      Stream is up (HE-AAC @ 64 kbps, 22.05 kHz) with 6 of 
50 listeners (3 unique)
Listener Peak:      31
Avg. Play Time:     9 minutes 21 seconds
Stream Name:        Radio 4KZ - Innisfail QLD
Stream Genre(s):    Easy Listening
Stream Website:     www.shoutcast.com

07 4061 6677
1 Edith Street, Innisfail, Queensland 4860



"......We welcome reception reports. All confirmed reports will receive 
a 4KZ shortwave QSL card. No return postage is required.
Reports should be sent to me, Al Kirton 
Or by regular mail to: Radio 4KZ, PO Box 19, Innisfail Queensland 4860