[A-DX] Log 5045kHz, Ozy Radio, ID, O=2-3, Englisch, 18h59

Do Dez 21 18:07:39 CET 2017

Am 21.12.2017 um 17:43 schrieb Roger:
> http://www.nqradio.com.au/
> ("....also on SW..."   - kam 
> gerade im Programm,  ID  als  NQ Radio)

===>    http://www.4kz.com.au/index.php





".....Group General Manager - Al Kirton

Since the age of 20, Al has been part of the radio industry working at 
stations 4VL, 4CD, 4RO, 2ST, 2LT, 3BO, 4ZR, 4VL (again) 4KZ, KOOL FM, 
4AY, KIK FM & 4AM.
Al’s former roles have included announcer, salesman, sales promotion 
manager, sales manager and part owner. He is a member of the CRA Quarter 
Century Club, Institute of Company Directors, Wireless Institute 
Australia, Innisfail Baptist Family Centre and is a licenced Amateur 
Radio Operator with the call sign of VK4FFKZ.
His interests include bushwalking, cooking, music and 4 wheel driving....."

Momentan gerade ID als "4KZ"  auf dem Stream, Nachrichten.

17.04z:  ID:   "This is the KZ-network, now also on SW 5055 kHz..."