[A-DX] Re/Fwd: Shortwave Radiogram, 23-24 December 2017

So Dez 24 01:40:53 CET 2017

Am 22.12.2017 um 01:54 schrieb Shortwave Radiogram:
> *For program 27, 23-24 December 2017*, Shortwave Radiogram will 
> transmit twelve MFSK32 images of holiday lights from cities and towns 
> throughout the United States. Shortwave reception conditions might 
> make some of these photos fuzzier, but more charming.
> With the images following in quick succession, screen capture might be 
> difficult. Keep in mind that Fldigi automatically saves decoded MFSK 
> images as png files in the folder \fldigi.files\images\ (in Windows; 
> folder names may be different in other operating systems).

This time there was a little difficulty, no, not in decoding. The 
problem was identifying the last song at the end of the datacast.
But, after a few tries, it worked out with this Celtic sound. My 
Christmas spirit was saved. ;-)


Otherwise, some program tips for today and the next few days, without 
"strange sounds":