[A-DX] Re/Fwd: Shortwave Radiogram, 23-24 December 2017

So Dez 24 11:35:49 CET 2017

Am 24.12.2017 um 01:40 schrieb Roger  [dxld]:
> This time there was a little difficulty, no, not in decoding.   The 
> problem was identifying the last song at the end of the datacast.
> But, after a few tries, it worked out with this Celtic sound.

MIDOMI was wrong, it's rare, but it happens.
At first I thought: That's something Swedish, but I trusted digital 
technology and their algorithms......

 From Kim I got the correct information, now everything should be ok:


"....This was the closing song ..."


And this place I allowed a headline:


This is the traditional Christmas greeting of a public broadcaster in 
Germany, exceptionally via the shortwave.
On ships, Internet access is still not a common low-cost matter.

At one brodcast, MEDIABROADCAST (possibly, according to HFCC) will 
change the direction by 8 °. Otherwise, the exact same destination areas 
as in recent years will be served.