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Mo Apr 30 23:01:43 CEST 2018

Am 30.04.2018 um 22:28 schrieb Roger:
> http://koreabizwire.com/most-accurate-standard-time-station-in-south-korea-to-open-next-year/118144 

Hier ein Beitrag aus dem Jahre 2015, der dieses Thema behandelt:
  (Ich hatte die KRISS-Seite  nach 장파 (jangpa) = Langwelle  durchsucht)

".....That is, the standard frequency station is a broadcasting station 
that distributes the standard frequency and the standard time 
independently to the whole country. The Shibo tower is a facility that 
acts as an antenna of the standard frequency station. It transmits a 
constant frequency of 5 MHz, output 2 kW, sends the standard time UTC 
correction signal, Also. It also features nighttime user weather 
information, forecasts of radio waves and disaster alarms."

"....*KRISS making more accurate time* *
* KRISS has started its base research project from 2015 with the aim of 
constructing a 'long-wave time station' using longwaves. Shortwave is 
strong in straightness and obstructed by obstacles such as mountains and 
buildings, it can not transmit radio waves. However, long waves can 
penetrate buildings and can receive time propagation in indoor space. 
Do. As the exact time becomes the foundation of many advanced 
technologies and the importance of time standards grows, KRISS strives 
to establish and disseminate more accurate time standards. And at the 
height of KRISS, Shibo Tower is delivering the most precise time in our 
country at this time, where we need to live in our society...."

Im csv-UB:
List source: userlistRWW.txt, file date 2018/04/30 00:00
         kHz: 5000
     UTC/PSN: 0000-2400
     Days/PI: 1234567 (Mo-Su)
     Station: Daejeon HLA (Time)
     Country: KOR (Korea Republic)
Transmitter: PM36qj
    Latitude: 36.3958
   Longitude: 127.3750
  Modulation: b (Beacon)
  Power (kW):
    Distance: 8420
     Bearing: 49
       Notes: (heard: 2011/08/01)
     Details: 60 m Beacon from Korea Republic
QTH locator: PM36qj54ax