[A-DX] Bestätigung SDXF

Horst Mehrlich
So Dez 16 18:26:09 CET 2018

Soeben erhalten Laufzeit  1 Stunde

Good Evening Horst!
Thank you for your reception report. I think this is your first report
to SDXF here in Sweden:

Your report is correct. The German title of the song is "Schalt dein
Radio ein". ( Your name sounds German)

I am happy to confirm that you have listened to a special program from
SDXF in Sweden transmitted via Channel 292 in Germany on 7440 kHz
December 16 2017 1220-1235 UTC:

We have no QSL cards at the moment but you will probably receive an
E-QSLor QSL-card in the new year.

All the best from Sweden

Gert Nilsson

SDXF QSL Manager

Gruß Horst

QTH Bardudvarnok / HNG
RX AOR 7030/FCD2
30 m LW