[A-DX] Rikisutvarpid Island auf 207 kHz

Marc Coevoet
Mi Dez 19 00:31:44 CET 2018

Op 19/12/18 om 00:17 schreef siggmx:
> zur Zeit mit S6, peak S7, ohne Störungen gut zu hören.
> Rig: Kenwood R-1000 und Loop 1,6m Durchmesser nach M0AYF auf dem Dachboden.
> QTH: Osnabrück (JO42BH).
> 73 de Siggi, DH8YAG

I use a Pioneer tuner, which allows a LARGE loop of about 2x2 meter, in 
my garden.  I get 207 with a signal 8/9.

The Pioneer tuner is from the 443L model.  I also own other from this 
series, eg 445 447.

My antenna is oriented North/South, and Caroline is 9/9 during daytime. 
1026 BBC Cambridgeshire is 6/9 during daytime.

I have bought an instrument to measure the induction of the loops, 
delivered with the tuners, and try to fabricate the best size.
Some tuners will only allow a 1x1meter loop, and the signal will 
degenerate, if you use a larger loop (I have Rotel, NAD, Sansui, JVC 
tuners that I bought to experiment with the AM audio, and reception).

Marc, location Vleteren, Belgium.
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