[A-DX] Infos von Asphalttelegraphen

Mi Dez 19 01:07:22 CET 2018

Hier noch einige Infos aus Schweden: >> Wow, thank you so much, I think 
I've managed to get the sound good, there are many hours of calibration 

Has an audio compressor between the audio amplifier and the audio input 
on the transmitter which also required a lot of calibration.

The  “L-antenna”  is as you watched the little pdf I sent with very simple,

with an SWR on maximum 1:1,02

With 1200 watt PEP!

  The Feeder is 65 meters  Feedflex RG 213.

And the antenna is 1,5 mm copper cable from Hornbach...!!!

  We now have a couple of centimeters of snow here lying on top of the 
grond plane cables

here in the forest beyond my qth, maybe it affects ...?

Now it will be a few more hours Deep Purple before closing at last 03.00 




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