[A-DX] 1476 kHz Asphalttelegraphen

Mi Dez 19 00:21:35 CET 2018

Prompte Antwort der Telegraphen:

22,15-22,30 UTC on 1476 kHz Medium Wave Band from Borås, South West part 
of Sweden

with *330 watts* of Power from my Bulgarian made transmitter out to an 

48,5 meters long with 7 earth plane Cables of 50 meters each.

  I got several reception reports from UK,  Buxton, near Manchester, 
  London, Kilmarnok South of Glasgow, Scotland and 11 reception reports 
also from Finland!!

Denmark, East, Central and South Germany, Holland, Belgium

and  3  from Austria

My QTH in Sweden is the city of Borås or Boras in English, 60 km east of 

My locator is: JO67KR73.

Na dann dem Telegraphen viel Erfolg!!