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Sa Feb 10 11:06:36 CET 2018

auf meinen Empfangsbericht zur Frequenz 8867 kHz kam Folgende Antwort von 
Frau Donaldson
" Hello Name gelöscht,

Thank you for your email. We are always pleased to hear from enthusiastic 
people listening to us, especially on the other side of the world. That 
transmission that you sent was very clear, and yes, definitely us.
We work for Airservices Australia, with our HF unit based in Brisbane, 
Queensland, providing communications relay between aircraft and Air Traffic 
Controllers out over the oceans. The Australian ATC covers 6% of the worlds 
airspace and a large part of that is oceanic.
The particular frequency you heard, 8867, is part of our South Pacific 
network. We share this network with Nadi (in Fiji), Auckland (in New 
Zealand), Tahiti (in Tahiti), and San Francisco (in USA). So as you can 
appreciate it’s a fairly crowded radio sometimes. The other frequencies in 
that network are 3467, 5643, 13261, and 17904. We tend to use 8867 and 
13261 the most here in Brisbane. The equipment is housed in two locations 
for that network, Broken Hill in New South Wales, and Townsville in 
Queensland. The transmissions are sent to us via cable and our responses go 
out the same way.
We also have two other international groups of units. One covers the Indian 
ocean out towards South Africa, and the other covers the area towards South 
East Asia and north of Australia. We have groups of frequencies that look 
after our domestic airspace as well. Australia being such a widespread 
country, it’s impossible to have VHF coverage everywhere, so we have HF 
units to cover mostly arrival and taxi calls in remote areas. These are 
then relayed to the ATC responsible for that aerodrome.
Unfortunately we don’t have QSL cards anymore, but if there’s any other 
information that we might be able to help with, please email us.

Kind regards

Anne-Marie Donaldson
Shift Manager HF
Brisbane, Australia "
73 Name gelöscht

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