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Di Mai 1 00:07:44 CEST 2018

Am 30.04.2018 um 23:18 schrieb Wolfgang Bueschel:
> irgendwo war doch von dem Gebrauch der LW 75 kHz zu lesen ? 

Auch in dem originalen Beitrag in Koreanisch hatte man keine Angaben zu 
einer Frequenz gemacht.
Mir wird aber so langsam klar, wieso man in Nordkorea gerade jetzt 
diesen Zeitzonen-Rückzieher gemacht hat.
Da dürfte es auf jeden Fall einen Zusammenhang mit diesem geplanten 
ominösen Langwellen-Sender geben.


"...It was suggested that the two Koreas should use the standard time 
and use the standard long-wave broadcasting station in the demilitarized 
zone (DMZ).
According to the Korea Institute of Standards and Science (NIS) on 
October 29, Changbai Broadcasting Station is scheduled to be established 
in Gyeonggi province by early next year.
Longwave broadcasting is a technology that can transmit radio waves to 
over 1,000 kilometers, which can reach the whole country with one 
transmission tower, without relay antenna, by using long wave of 50 ~ 
100kHz band. .."

"The size of the antenna receiver is about one fifth of that of the GPS 
antenna, making it possible to miniaturize the device and reduce power 
It means that you can always check the North and South unified standard 
time with a wristwatch or table clock all over the Korean Peninsula. .."

"....The standard broadcast is currently under trial broadcasting of 
long-wave standard time with the aim of transmitting 200km radius.
It is a principle that Korea Standard Time (Unification Standard Time) 
provided by Yeon-yeon is sent to the longwave broadcasting station to 
the users.
The most accurate clock in Korea is the cesium atomic clock in the standard.
"I wanted to build a long-wave broadcasting station in the DMZ if peace 
between North and South Korea was ripe at first," said Yoo. "I could 
think of it as the next stage after next year's test broadcast....."


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