[A-DX] "Somethings always wrong at RHC, even via the internet"

Sa Apr 20 08:17:55 CEST 2019

Am 18.04.2019 um 05:51 schrieb Brian Powell:
 > I have recently downloaded the RHC English language podcast from 
Tuesday 16 April, released via German organisation Radio360.eu. This 
daily episode was particularly strange, as the internet feed that was 
recorded had bleed-over from Radio Reloj (ID’d by its distinctive Morse 
ID “RR” every minute). Did anyone notice (on the 16th) whether or not 
this bleed-through was apparent on shortwave as well on this day?
 > Somethings always wrong at RHC, even via the internet!!
 > VK2FBAJ Sydney Australia

Am 18.04.2019 um 06:31 schrieb KG5JST - James Branum:
 > I didn't happen to listen on the 16th so I can't answer your question.
 > But on a related note... I know that Glenn loves that phrase 
"somethings always wrong at RHC" but the phrase has been overused to 
death IMHO, and leaves out the context that Cuban radio operates under.
 > I got to visit RHC in 2016 and saw with my own eyes how primitive of 
an operation things are (i.e. they are still using typewriters for much 
of the postal correspondence with listeners). The fact that RHC, Radio 
Progreso and Radio Rebelde are able to successfully transmit at all in 
light of the embargo (which blocks Cuba from getting even repair parts 
for their transmitters without working through third countries) is a 
wonder and a testament to the tenacity of the Cuban radio.
 > Obviously not all of the problems at RHC can be blamed on the 
embargo, of course, but I prefer their programming to the overwhelming 
majority of what is being aired on SW these days. Certainly much better 
than VOA and Radio Marti.
 > James
 > Oklahoma City


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