[A-DX] Shortwave Radiogram, 19-21 April 2019: In 日本語 and English

Sa Apr 20 09:31:10 CEST 2019


"....Too late for last weekend’s email, I was informed that the Friday 
2030-2100 UTC broadcast of Shortwave Radiogram was replaced in the WRMI 
by a religious program. WRMI has provided this replacement time slot: 
Friday at 1300-1330 UTC on 15770 kHz. This is directed to Europe. See 
the new transmission schedule below.

I am still exploring opportunities for a transmitter closer to Europe. 
In the meantime, the Sunday 2330-2400 UTC broadcast on 7780 kHz from 
WRMI has lately been heard and decoded well in Europe, Unfortunately, 
the hour is not convenient for most Europeans. Some listeners in Europe 
try “unattended reception”: radio and Fldigi, or radio and recorder, 
running all night. Audacity’s timer record feature can also be helpful.

The Saturday 0230-0300 UTC transmission from WINB is also often received 
in Europe. Due to the peculiarities of WINB’s audio, the RSIDs often do 
not change Fldigi’s mode. One solution would be to use a recorder, then 
manually change modes when decoding from the recording.

Because of reception in Japan this spring during the 0800 UTC broadcast, 
this weekend we will transmit some Japanese text in MFSK32.

Here is the lineup for Shortwave Radiogram, program 96, 19-21 April 
2019, in MFSK modes as noted:
  1:41  MFSK32: Program preview (now)
  2:49  Japanese text*
  6:32  KNL Networks worldwide shortwave mesh network
  9:56  MFSK64: Pocket sized VLF antenna?*
14:19  This week’s images*
27:25  MFSK32: Closing announcements



フロリダ州  =   Furorida-shū   =   Florida-state   =  Florida-Bundesstaat
[It’s pretty well-known that Japanese speakers have trouble with Ls and 
Rs – in fact, it’s been part of the Japanese stereotype for close to a 
century now. There’s even a common phrase on the Internet that mocks the 
Japanese L/R problem: “Engrish”.]

The new time slot for the SWRG is already listed in the Japanese AOKI, 
but with the wrong target.
87° would be Africa, but that XMTR9-QRG was already changed months ago 
in 44° to NA / EU / ME.

List source: userlistAOKI.txt, file date 2019/04/19 15:20
         kHz: 15770
     UTC/PSN: 1300-1330
     Days/PI: 5 (Fr)
    Language: English
     Station: WRMI Radiogram
     Country: USA (United States)
Transmitter: Okeechobee9
    Latitude: 27.4583 (27N27'30")
   Longitude: -80.9333 (80W55'60")
  Power (kW): 100
      Target: 87°      <====  44° NA/EU/ME !!!
    Distance: 7858 km
     Bearing: 290°
       Notes: RMI a19
     Details: 19 m from United States
QTH locator: EL97mk89ax
     Remarks: Distance and bearing for Petersberg, 11.96/51.55, JO51xn52ea

Here is an update of a self-created map, so as not to lose the overview