[A-DX] Fw: [bdxc-news] Vanuatu shortwave reactivated

Wolfgang Bueschel
Sa Dez 14 18:33:53 CET 2019

ein Weihnachts Gutsle aus Vanuatu

von Harald  DL1AX  exDL1ABJ aus Britannien:

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From: "Harald Kuhl" Sent: Saturday, December 14, 2019 4:37 PM
Subject: Re: [bdxc-news] Vanuatu shortwave reactivated

> "2485 KHz 3945 KHz 5055 KHz 7260 KHz short wave"
> so, plans for new 2485 kHz?
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> Von: "Alan Pennington via Groups.Io"
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> Betreff: Re: [bdxc-news] Vanuatu shortwave reactivated

> Not audible here in Reading UK daytime, but good reception via sdr in
> Northland, New Zealand on 3945 kHz. Signed off for night with anthem at
> 1106 UTC (2206 local time) but tx stayed on then resumed with continuous
> music five minutes later.

> A posting on the VBTC Facebook page (12 Dec) mentioned a (launch?) date
> 18th December and pictures technicians at work. It's in the Bislama
> language (which includes many English words):

> "Wok istap gohed long wik ia blong putum ap niufala short wave transmitter
> blong VBTC long transmitter site blong hem long Empten Lagoon.
> Ol specialist blong Korea mo Kordia long Niu Selan istap naoia long
> Vanuatu blong mekem wok ia. Wetem niufala transmitter ia, bambae full
> Vanuatu hemi nao karem kavrej blong Radio Vanuatu. Shortwave transmitter
> blong VBTC hemi bin nogud long taem after we ino bin kat funding blong
> maintenem mo repair mo long taem blong saeklon Pam, hemi mekem hemi damej
> nogud.
> Ol teknikol man we oli stap wok blong putumap transmitter ia, oli talem se
> wetem niufala transmitter ia, full Vanuatu bambae hemi karem gudfala
> kavrej bakeken blong Radio Vanuatu tru long 2485 KHz 3945 KHz 5055 KHz
> 7260 KHz short wave Freq 1125 KHz MW Freq.
> Tim blong VBTC Teknikol oli spendem taem ia tu wetem ol specialist ia
> blong lanem sam teknicol wok long saed blong transmitter ia.
> Hemia hemi wan bigfala ajivmen blong VBTC mo VBTC istap talem tank yu
> bakeken long Gavman blong Vanuatu blong luk save mo fandem projec ia.
> lauching blong niufala transmitter ia bambae istap long Wednesdei 18
> Disemba 2019."

>  https://www.facebook.com/vbtc.vu/
> 73, Alan
> On Sat, Dec 14, 2019 at 10:12 AM, Alan Pennington wrote:
> Vanuatu Shortwave reactivated.
> Thanks to a tip from RNZI's Adrian Sainsbury, Radio Vanuatu 3945 is being
> heard with very good signals at 0950 UTC. Adrian reports that Kordia are
> testing for VTBC with 2.5kw. 5040 or 7260 may be tested during daytime
> hours.
>  (Bryan Clark (New Zealand) on WRTH- World Radio Tv Handbook Facebook
> Group, 0953 UTC 14 December 2019)