[A-DX] Fw: Reception of Radio Kahuzi. 6210.20

Mi Jan 2 19:15:24 CET 2019

Am 02.01.2019 um 18:26 schrieb Christoph Ratzer:
> Meine Ostafrika Beverage hört mit 250 Meter Richtung 145°, da ist Radio Kahuzi - bzw „Best Radio“ jetzt gegen 1720 UT mit einem S3/5 Signal, ruhiger akrikanischer Musik und kurzen Ansagen zu hören.

"..Radio Kahuzi is a Christian radio station established by Richard & 
Kathy McDonald that has been broadcasting the Gospel from Bukavu in the 
Democratic Republic of Congo since 1991 on FM 91.1, ministering to a 
city of over 250,000 people in the Bukavu area with the potential 
audience of 3 million.
Richard and Kathy McDonald have uniquely impacted Congo through 
establishing the first non-government, Christian broadcasting network 
utilizing FM and Shortwave (along with distribution of 15,000 Galcom 
pre-tuned radios), text messaging, cell phone and live streaming via 
satellite programming...."