[A-DX] Fwd: Re: Radio Guinea out of air, Radio Kahuzi irregular due to electricy problems.

Sa Jun 1 19:42:29 CEST 2019

Am 01.06.2019 um 17:23 schrieb Ivo Ivanov [WOR}:
> Radio Guinea not on air since Monday May 27

Hat vermutlich nicht die Relevanz für regionale Versorgung, eher dann 
doch FM.

Ältere PDF aus 2011:
Media and telecommunications landscape guide
April 2011
Radio Guinéenne/Radio Nationale 88.5 FM
This is the national radio service of RTG. The names Radio Guinéenne and 
Radio Nationale are used interchangeably.
It broadcasts on 88.5 FM to Conakry and the surrounding area and from 29 
relay stations that cover about half the main towns in the interior of 
The station stopped broadcasting on short wave several years ago after 
its short wave transmitters broke down.
Radio Guinéenne is on air from 06.00 until midnight.
It broadcasts mainly in French, but also uses several local languages. 
These include Peul, Malinke, Soussou, Guerze, Kissi and Toma.
The flagship daily news programme goes out at 19.45.
This news programme is also relayed by the Radio Rurale de Guinée 
network of 23 local radio stations in the interior.


With 10 new stations, radio reach expands in rural Guinea
Learn how a network of rural radio stations helped fight Ebola by 
overcoming barriers of communication.
"...Radio can act like a general antibiotic reaching all affected areas. 
At UNICEF, we started working with rural radio stations immediately. 
But, as we discovered early on, we didn’t really know the barriers to 
their reach. We found that two-thirds of the 24 existing stations simply 
couldn’t afford the petrol to keep their generators running. Even 
mapping the signal strength and reach of the existing rural radios 
proved very difficult. Most only operated at night, well beyond the time 
when local and international organizations can safely drive into the 
bush to conduct the complex scientific test of turning on their car 
stereos and listening..."

"....3.2 De la Couverture radiophonique :
Toutes les radios sont dotées d’équipements de diffusion de la dernière 
génération et dont la puissance varie entre  150w et 500w. C’est 
pourquoi nous faisons savoir que la radio rurale couvre la presque 
totalité du territoire national. Toutefois, avec le relief accidenté que 
connaît le pays, des zones de silence demeurent au niveau de certaines 
localités. C’est dans le souci de corriger cette situation, que 
l’Institution a entrepris un vaste programme d’installation de sites 
relais. A ce jour, onze (11) sites relais sont installés, à savoir :   


Der Webstream läuft jedenfalls:

Les Amazones de Guinée - Be Ni Son (Clip officiel)