[A-DX] TDOA und unbekannte Musikstation mit ägyptischen Sängern {innen}.

Sa Jun 1 22:13:56 CEST 2019

Am 01.06.2019 um 17:21 schrieb Roger:
> The station seems to use the same transmitter site as Radio Cairo. As a
> test transmission was heard using the same transmitter problems as Radio
> Cairo. ( see N&O Newsletter 222 )


PDF Seite 10:
"...Qsr711 reports that E25 uses Radio Cairo’s Abu Zabal transmitter
site. You can hear that it is the same transmitter. Check the recordings
on the N&O website. We already knew that E25 also uses Radio Cairo’s
Abis transmitter site. The logs are submitted by qsr711 and PW2..."

#222 Picture E25 transmitter site at Abis
#222 Picture E25 transmitter site at Abu Zabal

"...First reported in 2000. Originally used live voices read by males,
then used a very unique automated woman. Errors are common in
transmissions, from computer tones, to hearing the operators playing a
computer game, to the transmission just screwing up in general (no music
intro, the transmission cutting out, or just not happening at all).
Music is usually from musician Umm Kulthum, but can vary. Needless to
say, E25 is in dire need of component, consistent operators (and perhaps
a better voice). Emits in AM and/or USB"

An Insight into E25 Transmissions by Manolis of Greece: