[A-DX] RNEI#11, via ch292 1900-2000z 6070 khz, heute

So Dez 6 18:44:50 CET 2020

"....RNEI11 first airs at 1900UTC on Sunday December 6th on 6070kHz from 
Germany, and 0100UTC Thursday December 10th on 5850kHz WRMI. It is 
repeated weekly for the rest of the month. Check transmitter timetables 
for more precise times and dates."

"....The December RNEI11 shortwave broadcast features an animated vector 
graphics html playlist, sent using WinDRM.
Rendering animated SVG graphics requires GPU acceleration to get a 
decent framerate.
Firefox on Windows 7 or 10, Edge on Windows 10, and Chrome/Vivaldi on 
Windows 8.1 were the only browsers tested that could display the 
animated content at a reasonable frame rate (30 FPS or more). Other 
browsers and operating system combinations tested were just too slow.
Chrome/Vivaldi may need "ignore-gpu-blocklist" to be manually enabled....

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