[A-DX] RNEI#11, via ch292 1900-2000z 6070 khz, heute

Fr Dez 11 01:12:18 CET 2020

Am 06.12.2020 um 18:44 schrieb Roger:
> "....RNEI11 first airs at 1900UTC on Sunday December 6th on 6070kHz 
> from Germany, and 0100UTC Thursday December 10th on 5850kHz WRMI. It 
> is repeated weekly for the rest of the month. Check transmitter 
> timetables for more precise times and dates."

Die dekodierte *.7z  in DRM QAM4  mit der animierten Vektorgrafik:

Hier NICHT zu finden:   https://rnei.org/category/news/

Bzw. hatte ich getwittert:
Strange things via ch292/6070 kHz last Sunday:
*** RNEI#11 ***
- animated vector graphics in DRM QAM4
- annoying PSK1000R ;-)
- absolutely crazy OLIVIA 8-250 with 5300 Hz offset
- and great music like this: https://youtu.be/X-Sbi4OenxY