[A-DX] 846 kHz

Fr Feb 7 21:02:31 CET 2020

Am 07.02.2020 um 20:31 schrieb :
> The webstream is practically parallel to the broadcast on air, so easy to confirm what one might be listening.

Vom Netzwerk empfangen: 14583014 Byte
Server: cc-web/1.6.3
Inhaltstyp: audio/mpeg
Ultravox-Sync.: 34892 Meldungen, 0 Desyncs
Ultravox-Datenmeldung: 0x7000
Ultravox SID/AvgBR/MaxBR: 1/128000/128000
Stream-Name: Digitaaal 882
Aktueller Titel: Nonstop 2013 07

Such a kind of trash dance music thrives on "boom boom" and stereo
effects. A broadcast via an 40W medium wave transmitter is, in my
opinion, very anachronistic.
But ok, if it's fun ...

But not for my ears, since the MP3-Stream   has  MPEG artifacts like 
from a 3rd encoding level.
Seen in this way, "Digitaaal" sounds very digital.....