[A-DX] Coalition Marine Forces R One

M. van Arnhem
Mo Mai 4 19:26:08 CEST 2020

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Verzonden: maandag 4 mei 2020 17:28
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Onderwerp: [A-DX] Coalition Marine Forces R One


bin gerade am QSL sortieren . Coalition Marine Forces Radio  One
(15500khz) sendete vom Schiff aus. Das weiß ich noch, aber den Grund weiß
ich nicht mehr.

Kann sich jemand  besser daran erinnern?

73 ABo

It is Coalition Maritime Forces- Radio One ( not Marine Forces).
I think it was used during Operation Iraqi  Freedom, which started in 2003.
Broadcasts with news, music and information in six languages to the maritime
community throughout the Middle East as a service to fellow mariners who
otherwise may not hear this type of programming.
These broadcasts were transmitted by the US Navy 5th Fleet.
The station was a good verifier.

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Max van Arnhem
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